Back online!

We’re back online to post about the local food project and our plans for the new year!

While we’ve been offline on this website, work on the project has been proceeding apace over our Christmas ‘break’. We’ve been pushing to complete our survey, and we’re excited to announce that we’re nearly there!  So far, 281 responses. But we see that some 74 questionnaires were begun and not yet completed.  If these were finished up, we’d have a total of 355 – which is 55 more than our original target, and that would be super. So, if you’ve started and not finished, or if you’re inclined to give it a go, please could we ask you to spare a few moments of your time and click here? Though the time taken to complete each survey has varied between respondents, we’re still averaging about 10 minutes per respondent to complete the survey. Which is not bad!

We’ve also begun work on our second phase of data collection, which involves participatory workshops in Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk. Our first workshop will be in Norfolk on the 1st of February and we’re looking forward to it. We’ll be meeting with people from Master Gardner in Norfolk – who’ve recently also done work with the University of Coventry around health and community.Once we’re done we’ll post a short summary and pictures here.

In the meanwhile, we’re spending time designing our workshop, and continuing with the (mammoth) task of reviewing the literature on local food to try and sieve out references to health and well-being. And we’re working on the final details for our upcoming Food in Transition workshop.

So we’re planning, and reading, and designing and moving forward. Watch this space!

[Cover Photo for this post: Jules Pretty]