Ecocultures 2012: Reaching towards sustainability through artistic practice

Photo: Natalia Eernstman

We’re excited to share details on an interactive panel to be held at Ecocultures 2012 which will explore futures thinking, artistic practice and imagination in relation to learning for sustainability. The panel will address questions such as: Do we have to plan from or for the future? How we foster futures thinking? How can art facilitate or catalyze this process? How can we stimulate the envisioning of different and positive futures in communities? And how do we proceed from the mere imagined visions and ‘good’ intentions to actual realization and steps in the right direction?

The panelists who have come together to craft this session are Oleg Koefoed, Natalia Eernstman, Eva Bakkeslett, Karen Blincoe and Lucy Neal.

Oleg Koefoed

Oleg is an action-philosopher and head of Cultura212 Nordic group.  Natalia is an artist and is pursuing her doctoral studies at University College Falmouth. Eva is also an artist, and engages in the crossover between art and ecology. Karen is Present of Danish Designers and also a PhD student at the Faculty of Arts, Brighton University. Lucy is initiator and co-chair of Transition Town Tooting. 

The panel will be held in Room TC 2.9 at the Tony Rich Teaching Centre from 10:30 to 12:30.