• Just published – Ecocultures: Blueprints for Sustainable Communities

    Posted March 25th 2015

    We’re excited to announce the publication of our first edited volume, collecting case studies and analysis on established and emerging Ecocultures from around the world. The volume details how communities are taking action to maintain or build resilient and sustainable … Continue reading

  • Interdisciplinary progress in approaches to address social-ecological and ecocultural systems

    Posted January 22nd 2012

    Abstract: The emergent human cultures have shaped, and in turn been shaped by, local ecosystems. Yet humanity’s intense modification of the environment has resulted in dramatic worldwide declines in natural and cultural capital. Social-ecological systems are becoming more vulnerable through the … Continue reading

  • Nature and Culture: Rebuilding Lost Connections

    Posted January 22nd 2012

    There is a growing recognition that the diversity of life comprises both biological and cultural diversity. But this division is not universal and, in many cases, has been deepened by the common disciplinary divide between the natural and social sciences … Continue reading

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